Tuesday, October 21, 2008

and the award goes to...

The picture below entitled "lost" won second place in the photo show. Thanks to a stellar model, Mr. Jaron Rohde, for being himself (aka driving his mother crazy by being a dare devil marine that climbed in all kinds of really dangerous places on the cliff overlooking the ocean, but at one point taking a break to stare deeply at the ocean providing the perfect photo opportunity for the less couragous.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

glimpses of a month on hiatus

assigning rooming lists
updating registrations
late late nights
extra early mornings
a new roommate
getting settled
a sisterly visit
becoming a Charbroil "expert"
grilling pineapple, chicken, and bread
270 students gathering to meet God
the comfort of an old staff worker's voice
the wisdom in another's words
praying with students
counting money
stuffing nametags
58 new emails in one day
a photo show
Backyardigans Live

and somewhere in there, a personal life...