Thursday, January 18, 2007

Brandon's response to the G207 scandal

Honestly, I'm a little insulted. I get blamed for everything! Someones pen goes missing and it must be Brandon's fault. Never mind Yoda sitting there on the desk asking for soda. No, that's completely normal. Does Amanda think that I can hold such sway over a Jedi Master? The roots of my evil empire reach deep but they are not so power as to conquer the Force. That Yoda was there on his own volition and I for one think it's time to lay blame where it belongs. I'm happy that she's found a new pen but you haveto ask yourself this: where are all the good pens dead, in the heart or in the head?


Monday, January 08, 2007

on working out

I've always been a bigger boned, bigger muscled (or flabbed) girl, but there once was a time that I was in good shape. In college, I was too focused on the busy work required of the education major and my over-committment to this thing I can never get away from, InterVarsity (despite the way that sounds, I actually love IV). After I graduated and moved to this great city, I joined the thousands of locals at the gym, and I worked out pretty consistently. My membership ended when my full time teaching position left my life, maybe left it. The last six months, I have battled with my own home remedies for getting fit - walking my neighborhood, wall push-ups, etc. etc. etc. None of which really worked for me...I couldn't get motivated and being at home, I would be distracted by my laundry or rearranging the entire of array of dishes in our kitchen. (Yeah, I like to organize things and make them roommate LOVES that side of me...just kidding) . So I finally was able (with the help of some good old birthday money) to secure a membership at the most local gym which has been completely renovated and is quite the gym. I have actually been using that membership, and even have a couple of funny stories of which are the REAL reason I write tonight (that's quite the long intro, huh).

Story One: My FIRST day back in the gym, I was doing a some lifting when I noticed this older (upper 30s-lower 40s) man sitting at the bench press watching me. That just sings Crreeeppppy! I finished my set and was allowing my arms to rest a minute when I heard, "Can I please get a spot."
Yep, he was talking to ME! I took one look at the 200 pounds he had the bar and said, "I can stand behind you, but there is no way I lift that weight off of you should you get stuck."
He convinced me that he wouldn't even need my help, but just wanted it as a precaution. As I reluctantly made my way to my place behind the bench, he inquired as to what sport I played. If only he could have heard the roaring laughter in my head.
"I don't play any sport." I responded.
"You're built for playing sports." He must not have seen me on the treadmill earlier.
"No. Not since high school."
Luckily he started that heavy breathing routine that is done just before benching more than you are actually capable of so the conversation ended. Although then he was breathing out the beer he had consumed prior to coming to the gym. I'm not sure what is worse, ackward conversation or getting intoxicated off of someone's breath.
Anyway, he made it through one rep with all of that weight and decided to go for another during which he got stuck and his face started turning really red. AND I had to help him. It's a good thing that he could push while I pulled up or he may not be living right now!

Goodness. I do have another story, but I'm tired so I will post it tomorrow.

Friday, January 05, 2007

new year, new pen

That's right. You read the title, and many of you who know me will not believe what I am about to say.

"I'm done with the G2 07."

You heard me. I'm done. I have been a loyal fan since the day Tim Sluiter told me to use his. My dedication was so deep that people at the company I used to work for would steal my beloved G2s just to torment me (no names mentioned of course - ehem, Brandon Marshall) In fact one particular time, I left my desk only to find that my G2 had been replaced by a Yoda pez dispenser with a note attached saying "Feed the Force. Buy Yoda a soda." Clever. But I was not happy.

Alas, I never thought it would happen, but I have found a better pen. A pen whose swift strokes make me want to write on every surface like those pesky high school kids do. (we all did it at one point, right...well, I didn't because I never wanted to get in trouble, but that's a different story). My new pen of choice writes brilliantly, dries quickly so that no smears are left, and makes my name shine like a star. I actually feel like a rockstar or a famous artist when I write my name...just because of the amazing way this pen dances with the paper.

Yes folks, my pen loyalty now lies with none other than the G2 05. You should try it. You will never go back.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's raining today which means I got to wear my new raincoat, a Christmas present from my grandparents. For the first time in years, I stayed dry in the rain. And I felt New York Stylish while doing it.

It's raining today, and Urbana is over. I'm feeling surprisingly rested, although it took me several hours to shake off the grogginess that the night cold medicine left me.

It's raining today. What would normally be a busy coffee shop is void of college student hub-bub. It was nice to not have to wait for a table or even have to go to a different location for once. I came here to work on a new project that I've taken on, but I can't seem to get beyond staring out the window at the beautifully dreary day and reflecting on pieces of life. There is a guy sitting directly in my line of sight that looks just like Ryan Motola with long hair. Not only are their faces the same, but their mannerisms are the same too! Makes me kinda miss the guy!

It's raining today. I love rainy days; a reflection of the woman I've become or that I am becoming. Contemplative. A little more calm (well, sometimes). More decisive about the future. It feels good. Stable.

It's raining today, and I like it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

from inside the exhibit hall

The "A" team aka my floor proctors.

Meeting of the minds - around the Aisle 1200 trash can - Jonathon, Tim, and Mike

Jonathon, Wendy, and Kim

Bird's eye view of a very busy hall

Marcie, Lauren, and Bum "Bossman"

Justin Timberlake and Brittney Spears wannabes? Just kidding, but the headsets did make us feel like rockstars.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

urbana...from behind the scenes

Thousands of people are probably blogging about urbana, but very few had an experience like mine. I can't tell you about the worship and how incredible it was, I didn't hear but maybe two songs. I can't tell you about the seminars and how they challenged me or opened my eyes for I did not step one foot into any of them. I can't tell you about the speakers (well, I can tell you about a couple of them). What I can tell you is that Wycliffe, Pioneer, and Lutheran Bible Translators had people sign their names next to a language which signifies a commitment to pray that the Bible will be translated to that language. Or that InnerChange, Servant Partners, and Servants to Asia's Urban Poor combined booths to build a shack where many conversations and prayers for the world's urban poor took place. My role in Urbana was one that kept me away from the main programming, and tied me to the exhibit hall or, rather, the Global Connextions Hall. Many people's response is "that's too bad" or "you missed out on a lot of good stuff." I could view it that way and spend the next few days lamenting about how I missed all of the good things, that I didn't get anything out of urbana, but that would be a complete lie.

I got to work with a team of 16 mostly IV staff unlike any other team I have been a part of. My current supervisor and I spent pretty much every waking moment was fun! And good to get to know the man I work for in a different atmosphere. I laughed a lot at him...with him...its been a while since I've laughed like I did this week. Instead of getting to know and care for students, my focus was on exhibitors. As I walked the aisles of the hall, I had the privilege of witness what was being taught in sessions lived out. Missions organizations taking time to listen to the hearts of students. To pray and care for them. To help them process and discern. On New Year's Eve, as we closed the hall, and exhibits were being dimantled, I imagine I felt the same as many of the delegates...exhausted in every way, delighted to have seen the Lord at work, refreshed, and of course, a bit overwhelmed.

I didn't see much outside of the exhibit hall, but the Lord was in booth 601 just as powerfully as he was in the worship sessions. Thank you Lord for the exhibitors, for the team you gave me to work with, for allowing me to see your calling on others lives lived out in one room.

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