Sunday, February 24, 2008


You should probably sit down (unless you already are). This is unexpectedly big like the Royals winning the World Series (or even having two winning seasons in a row); like having a black man and a woman vying against each other for election nomination; like Basil getting married...

At 5:34 pm today (Sunday, February 24th), I registered to run a 5K. A real one.

Just in case you forgot or are new to my blog - I HATE running, and I NEVER run outside. I also hate mornings and the run is at 7:30 IN THE MORNING!

So, on April 5th, I expect to see all kinds of shining faces along the course, cheering me on!
Today someone said this of me:

"You scurried around like a woodland creature in autumn, smiling all the while..."

Somehow I can't shake the picture of me with a rather squirrel-like tail from my head :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the story revealed.

Due to the uprising of some of my readers(ehem, chris), I have (finally) woven the story that is found in the pictures below.

It was comical, in a not so funny way. Tammy and I were headed to Kansas City for a conference planning team meeting. Of course, like most good IV staff, we were running a bit late. Just as we put the vehicle into drive, it started sleeting. Yes, sleeting. Now, I was not worried about our driving because we were driving a flipping HUGE Ford F-150 that I affectionately dubbed "big red". That's right. Extended cab. 4-wheel drive. Deep red. AH-MAZING! The small town girl in me grabbed my cowboy hat from my car, through the truck into 4-W, and cruised (at a careful pace) to the interstate. (really, Tammy was driving at this point, but that last sentence sounds better if I reference myself as the driver because Tammy's not really a small town girl).

Within almost a mile of being on I-70, we found ourselves stuck in traffic. There we remained behind the greenish truck for almost 3 hours. We moved occasionally, but never enough to actually consider it progress. When our meeting in KC started, Tammy and I were still only about 2 miles from my apartment.

As you can probably tell we used my new digital camera (thanks mom, dad, gb, and gr) as entertainment, a taste of which is in the "photojournal".

We did finally reach our destination, 6 hours after we left and 3 hours late for the meeting. But our Iowa coworkers (who ironically didn't hit any weather issues) welcomed us, fed us, and made us stay up late making decisions :)

The drive home the next day was uneventful, except for trying to scrap the ice of my car and kissing "Big Red" good-bye.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

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