Thursday, October 06, 2011

nearly finished

1 paper, 1 presentation, 1 class session, 1 week. after two plus years, it's hard to believe that i am down to my final days of my graduate program. as most students find themselves doing, i have put much of my life on hold in order to write papers, have scheduled intellectual conversations, and pretend to read way more than one can read in a matter of seven days. in anticipation of my impending freedom, i've been making a list of what i am hoping to accomplish in the next couple of months. just for fun, i'll share :)

  • take up regular blogging once again (yes, uncle vern dean, i'm going to try to provide you with some entertainment).
  • play my guitar more than once a month and work to improve
  • finish the dragon tattoo series and read more books of my choosing
  • ride my bike (i know, i know...just in time for winter)
  • spend more time with friends (two specifically)
  • get back into my workout routine
  • spend more time intentionally listening to jesus
  • cooking! and meal planning and enjoy grocery shopping again
  • shake the dust off of my camera and shoot again
  • who knows what other fun surprises may come along...