Sunday, September 23, 2012

wedding in pictures

this is my last post about our wedding...for real...or at least for this month. 

anticipation of getting to see my groom.


excitement over a gift that i put so much of myself into.

getting to hang out with these cool dudes...

and these pretty ladies.

 including beautiful parts of the city in our day.

a quiet moment ,

a rainy moment,

a moment frozen in time

children's laughter and clinking bells.




and one we love like a brother.

 little things:

like beautiful art (thank you kathee),

hand-painted bottles (thank you ladies),

remembering our loved ones,

two hearts,


 pink shoes,

 an old guitar 

and a song.
like cake in the nose

 a waltz,

 a twelve year old catching the bouquet

and a baby vying for the garter.

there was the guy who started this whole thing,

a most amazing sky,

and a daddy dancing with his daughter.

 and, of course, who can forget the magic....

Monday, September 10, 2012

God did good

i heard someone talking about our wedding this weekend.  i was so overwhelmed at the reminder of God's goodness that the tears were flowing and then i remembered that i hadn't returned to share here. 

people warned us that the day would go fast.  we were advised to steal moments as observers and to not hurry through it all.  boy, were those people right.  even with intentional moments to be a fly on the wall, i still find that i only recall pieces of the day.  while it's difficult to remember, there are things are forever etched in my heart. 

like the way steve looked at me when we first saw each other.  words cannot do justice the awe, the joy, the overwhelmingness.  it was the purest of looks.

speaking of looks....i also will never forget the way the best man looked at steve (which i could see when i faced steve).  it was similar to that of a proud father.  a beaming.  a man that has invested so much of himself in steve's life and couldn't help but ooze love and joy at the man steve has become. 

and my little bell ringers....exactly what i had dreamed of for years (thanks to some college friends who i stole the idea from).  one little boy specifically; one unabashedly creative little boy who decided to humor us all while we waited our turn to walk the aisle.  he did so by turning his bells into ears like shrek's.  imagine us all trying to stifle our laughs.

at one point the pastor made us turn around and face our guests, telling us to look at everyone that had come because they loved us and wanted to support us.  i will never forget panning the room and trying to take in every face.  it's overwhelming to think we are so loved and supported.

i remember ashley's hallelujah's.  my favorite line from my favorite song.  sung so differently and yet so perfectly.

and i remember "God did good" which is what the pastor that gave the blessing near the end reminded us.  God didn't just do good.  He did way better than my little mind could have ever even imagined.

steve and i have this thing that we say to each other.  it started innocently in a letter i wrote to steve, but in recent months has become a much more intentional saying in our house:  God gives good gifts. what a gift.  not just steve.  not just marriage.  but that there is a God who loves me enough to give me exactly what i need in a partner.  not only that, but that He brings together a whole slew of people to love, push, champion, and advise us as we travel this road together.  and what an extra special gift that a majority of them gathered in one place at the same time to help us celebrate. 

God did good.  amen.