Friday, May 30, 2008

shooting the moon...

The score was 19-41. My inability to take risks had set us at the very beginning of the game, and now, we were one point, one hand, away from losing. The opening bids made their way around the table, coming to a halt when my father (who also happened to be my partner) said, “We’re going to shoot the moon in hearts.” I took a deep breath and exchanged my unsuitable cards for new ones as Norah Jones crooned “shoot the moon and missed completely” in my head. The tricks began. We took the first, and the second, and the third. With no more hearts to play, Raina went out. We took yet another trick, this time with the triple-pointing “3”. One more trick; Grandpa out. Dad held one more card. The jack, and the last of the points we needed! We shot the moon and landed! Coming from a 22 point deficit to win the game!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

totally fashionable

Being the anti-morning person I am, I often catch myself dressing last minute in the dark. I thought I looked especially cute today (at least I was feeling cute) so imagine my surprise when 6 hours after I had left my house, I looked down at a student that was near my feet and saw this:

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

so begin the mowing wars

I live in an L-shaped building (on the left in the picture) that faces another L-shape to make a U-shape with a big yard in the middle. When the spring rains come, the grass skyrockets. The two buildings are owned by different people which means that ownership of the lawn is also divided. Of course they have to use different lawn care services, and of course, those services don't mow on the same day. If you notice in the picture, the right side is freshly mowed while the left stands a good 2 inches high and is over run with dandelions.