Saturday, June 17, 2006

Not a whole lot to say today, but I feel like I should blog because I'm so far away from my friends. Camp is fun. I'm glad that I chose to come back here for the summer. The staff is hilarious. And energetic. And creative. And great with kids. Ya know, the typical camp type people. My roommates, Jody and Cori are way fun. We all have the same middle name, Lynn. And they aren't messy which I like.

My campers are really cute. They all have great smiles. They like to laugh. And they really like Jake, my male counselor last week and this upcoming week. We planted a garden this past Wednesday day. Each child has their own tomato plant. I went out to water them this morning...some of them look like they are on their way to being dead. YIKES! The soil just isnt' very good up where they put the garden. And the water supply consists of me filling buckets in a creek and hauling them 50 needless to say, they may not get enough water. Oops.

Today is Saturday. A day to rest, rejuvenate, and plan for the week. And that's what I'm doing for sure! Oh, I like getting mail at camp. But in the four weeks, I've been here, I've only gotten one piece of mail. Hint. Hint.

Last week, I sprained my ankle on the slip n' slide - the first step I took onto the dumb thing! Then this past Tuesday, I took a chunk of my leg off and left a fist sized picnic tables that have screws sticking out. And I got a spider bite on Wednesday. But I'm alive. hehe.

Okay, I'm signing off now. Go read someone else's blog.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

on being old

Its wierd. Like a sickness. Or a disease. Something you aren't used to. Something you think will not actually happen to you. (I mean this in a much lighter tone than the one I am setting). Getting old. It seemed to happen to me over the course of 24 hours. I went from the youngest person among my friends to being the oldest woman on a staff of all college students. What a small battle I had I act a little bit more immature than what I am comfortable with in order to gain their friendship? Do I remain at my maturity level and feel annoyed by them frequently? Do I share from my plethera of experiences and offer up suggestions or do I remain quiet?

This battle only lasted a few hours as I quickly realized I would not only be cheating myself, but also God, my program director, and the staff if I were anyone but me. My age has most certainly been both a blessing and a bit of a challenge in the short time I have been at camp. But the Lord is teaching me to get over myself, let Him figure things out for me, and to be more flexible. He's already used me in ways I didn't think possible and stretched me in ways I didn't think would ever be stretching for me AND the kids haven't even arrived yet!

Praise the Lord for being old. For the work He continues do even as we get older. for now, I'll try to think about reverting back to being the youngest in August.