Sunday, May 08, 2011

i am a mother lover

my friend nate asked me last night if i am a mother lover. (yeah, he's witty like that) although it has an odd ring to it, i won't deny being a lover of mothers. in fact, there are many mothers in my life right now that i have great love and respect for. mothers that inspire me and that i aspire to be like. here are just a few of my favorites:

Katy: 6 years ago she adopted me as her sister-like friend and aunt of her six children. she has unreal amounts of patience, grace, and flexibility which are an asset when raising six kids.

Pam: talk about a mother! she has four biological, some step (i'm unsure how many), two adopted, and five foster plus all sorts of unofficially adopted people. oh, and grandchildren. i love how Pam loves very deeply, but calls out the nonsense and other unwise things in people's lives because she loves them. she isn't afraid to push people in ways that will make them grow!

Lisa: much like the two women above she welcomes almost anyone into her home, me being the recipient of this many years ago. she's raised four incredibly wonderfully boys (men now) and is taking on a whole new family of five. her house could be packed to the brim and she'd still welcome you in if you needed a place for the night. she has a wonderful sense of humor and somehow always manages to get me hooked on new tv shows.

Emily: this is one mother that i don't know very, but admire from afar. she is a single mother who has devoted her life to kids in the system. she's not much older than i am, but has fostered numerous children and of those, has adopted four. the strength it takes to be a single mother, especially to kids who come with a greater need for a sense of security and love and sometimes with special needs, blows my mind.

my own mother, Denise. from her i learned about self-sacrifice, perseverance, and inner strength.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

my friend, emily, has a recent post on her blog that goes very well with the quotes from my last entry.

Read it here: