Sunday, September 23, 2012

wedding in pictures

this is my last post about our wedding...for real...or at least for this month. 

anticipation of getting to see my groom.


excitement over a gift that i put so much of myself into.

getting to hang out with these cool dudes...

and these pretty ladies.

 including beautiful parts of the city in our day.

a quiet moment ,

a rainy moment,

a moment frozen in time

children's laughter and clinking bells.




and one we love like a brother.

 little things:

like beautiful art (thank you kathee),

hand-painted bottles (thank you ladies),

remembering our loved ones,

two hearts,


 pink shoes,

 an old guitar 

and a song.
like cake in the nose

 a waltz,

 a twelve year old catching the bouquet

and a baby vying for the garter.

there was the guy who started this whole thing,

a most amazing sky,

and a daddy dancing with his daughter.

 and, of course, who can forget the magic....

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, how I love seeing these!