Tuesday, August 14, 2012

our wedding: behind the scenes edition

a friend sent this link to us recently.

i think she was trying to help us feel better about what happened at our wedding, or rather in the hours after our wedding.  i'm not sure what is worse:  the whole wedding party falling in the lake or nearly 100 guests who wind up sick post-wedding?  but i'm getting ahead of myself.  perhaps you would like to know the whole story.

i found myself surprisingly calm on my wedding day.  i had experienced all of the stressful moments i could the day before and had decided that nothing would get in the way of my marrying my best friend.  so when mom and i were on our way to hotel to get ready and discovered that we had left the boutonnieres behind, it was no big deal.

and when my maid of honor, my mom, and myself got stuck in an elevator, it was no big deal.  we were innocently on our way to get the flowers out of the car when the elevator just stopped.  i suggested we were stuck.  mom assured me we were moving.  then it got hot.  and the doors didn't open.  i always wondered what it would be like to use the emergency phone.  i told the guy on the other end that i was sure we were stuck and that i was getting married.  he made some not so funny jokes, but then said they would work to get us out as quickly as they could.  we giggled a lot.  it was really hot.  people yelled at us through the elevator shaft.  steve freaked out.  we giggled some more.  eventually, we were rescued.   thirty minutes later, i had forgotten that it had even happened.

so when steve called to say that our "getaway car" wouldn't start, it really wasn't a big deal.  steve would tell you that it was a dream of his to drive his friends' 1967 Chevelle with the woman of his dreams by his side.  he was disappointed, but at the end of the day, he was still getting the woman of his dreams.  (that, and we ended up with really nice Porsche to drive instead)

the rain that came while we were taking pictures also wasn't a big deal.  our photographer knew how to use it to his advantage and had some good covered places to snap shots.

when we were told we couldn't use the six hundred sparklers we had purchased, it still wasn't a big deal.  by that time we were married and we could always find a way to get some cool sparkler shots another time.

but when we got the phone call from the hotel, THAT was a BIG deal.  two months before our wedding, steve had booked our wedding night at a hotel we could never even consider staying at on a regular day due to fancyness.  he had even called two days before our wedding to confirm our reservation.  we were literally blocks from the hotel when the call from the hotel manager came (and not just the front desk manager.  we're talking higher up).  i only really heard "sorry....no room....more people stayed than expected....no room anywhere."  i am embarrassed by the rudeness that came out of me at that point.  (i did apologize to the poor guy the next day).  we are not totally sure what happened, but we speculate this: someone made a mistake and then because of a 20,000 person conference, a Cardinals game, and the Blues rally, they overbooked.  after we got over the shock, stopped in at the hotel to get the details we couldn't get on the phone, we decided to drive around until we were sure the coast was clear at our house.  then the next call came.  the hotel had found us a room...at the kirkwood best western.  yes, you read that right.  from a five-star hotel to the best western.  it was a room, a nice room at that, and they were kind to us.  what was a big deal resolved itself as i got to sleep next to my husband after a long and amazing day.

or so i thought.  i had only slept for about two hours when the vicious cramps started.  cramps that landed me in the bathroom every 20-30 minutes for the rest of the night.  turns out i wasn't the only one.  when we both finally got around to turning our phones on the next morning, we were greeted with several messages from people who had been dealing with the sickness as well.  over the next several hours (as we drove to our honeymoon destination), we pieced it all together and guessed that probably around a hundred to a hundred and twenty-five people were sick with what appeared to be a diarrheal virus.  even though i couldn't control it, i felt absolutely horrible.  and sad.  my wedding would be known as the one that everyone got sick at.  ugh. 

there are other things i could write about.  like how there was a major mess-up at our venue, both in set up and in clean up.  my family was actually asked to clean the bathrooms.  (luckily, my sister is good at saying no).  or that on our honeymoon, steve sliced his finger open and i severely broke my glasses.  OR that all this stuff culminated in my getting a bacterial infection that manifested itself in huge bug-bite-looking-bruise-feeling welts all over my torso.  or that we didn't get any cake :(  

i could write about all of those things, but i think what i really want to tell you about are the snapshots from the day that vastly overpower everything i've mentioned in this post.  moments that when i close my eyes, i can almost relive no matter where i am. moments to be shared in another post...


Elizabeth said...

I was there and totally forgot about 95% of those things until I just read all this. Your wedding will NOT be remembered as the one people got sick at!

I remember these things: a First Look moment full of tears and awe (which made me cry my own tears!). And beauty from ashes. Upcycled decorations and things made new. An incredibly touching moment of these children ringing bells to welcome the bride. Hearing "Beautiful Things" as you approached your handsome groom. Fantastic moments at the graffiti wall. A soon-to-be husband and wife barely able to keep their eyes off each other because they did things God's way. (The love and longing was palpable. Really!) I also remember a TON of amazing people there to celebrate with you, dance with you, and laugh with you.

Oh, and some fantastic photos too. But that'll come later... :) Ha!

And when you DO see the photos, you'll see so many truly genuine smiles because of the joy in two hearts finally becoming one.

Ashley said...

Your wedding was so filled with character! And that ceremony... was the sweetest exchanging of vows I have EVER witnessed. Not a dry eye in the room. That doesn't happen at most weddings. That's what I remember!